Charm of maple in Japanese garden


ABC maple?

Acer palmatum known as Japanese Maple is most popular maple in Japan is so-called iroha maple. Iroha is the first three letters of the ancient Japanese alphabet. Because iroha means old fashioned style of ABC.

Fresh color of Japanese maple

Fresh color of Japanese maple

The photo shows the sprout of leaves of Japanese maple. The leaves of the Japanese maple are dyed red and sprout. The red color is not bright red like autumn leaves, but bright red like crimson.

When the maple grows further and the leaves spread, the red bud of the Japanese maple fades, so the red color is only when buds are sprouting. As the time goes on, the red color will disappear completely. Since there are nearly 50 Japanese maple trees in my house, the garden of miscellaneous trees will turn a little red at this time.


Maple tunnel

The leaves of Japanese maple are so thin that they transmit light, and it is very beautiful that the amount of light changes variously depending on how the leaves overlap. The branches are flexible and spread laterally, so a maple tunnel in the garden entertains me every year. The tunnel road makes me feel refreshed.

Maple tunnel road
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