Handmade decorative cabinets; look good ,fixed with magnets


Display cabinet fixed with a magnet

I made a decorative shelf that is fixed to the wall of the refrigerator with a magnet. I chose strong vanadium magnets for the shelves, so I wouldn’t mind. You can put it in any position you like and you don’t have to drill holes.


In the picture, the garden flowers such as lilac, andromeda, and thunberg spirea are displayed on the rack, but the white and brown stand on which the bottle is mounted is the decoration rack.


I made it by attaching a powerful vanadium magnet and a plate to the L-shaped metal fitting. Select the lightest possible material for the board. The rack is made of Paulownia, which is a light material among wood.  


To prevent it from dropping, the center of the rack plate is slightly recessed. Also, the painting is a white painting and then peeled off a little to give it a shabby chic atmosphere.

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