Handmade a wooden garden sink to be useful in my copse garden.


What is a garden sink?

The garden sink is very convenient for garden work such as field work. The garden sink is also called a garden kitchen. It is very convenient because you can perform work that requires running water while standing up without bending down. I didn’t like anything on the market so I made it myself. It was exposed to the outdoors, so it had to be made of a strong material, and processing was difficult. It is made of hard wood called “Balau” so that it can withstand outdoors.

Concept of self-made garden sink

The left side of the garden sink doubles as a cover for the air conditioner outdoor unit. It is better to put the outdoor unit in a cool place as much as possible, so it also functions as a garden sink. In addition, there is a faucet for the hose behind the garden sink door, and the hose that can be seen at the top left of the photo is connected. A hose that looks dirty when left unattended is hidden behind the garden sink. Even if you don’t wind the hose every time, you can hide it behind the garden sink to make it look nice and save you the trouble of winding it.

Homebrew garden sink, DIY,
Homebrew garden sink

On the right side, a stainless sink was made to fit in, and a water tap was also attached. You can also wash your feet by swinging the tap of the tap to the right. In the above plan, we planned to add a faucet on the right side as a foot wash area, but one faucet beside the stainless steel sink was sufficient, so there was only one faucet after all. You can wash your feet, which is very convenient.

Conceptual drawing of home-made garden sink
Conceptual drawing of home-made garden sink

Outdoor durability of garden sink

Since it is heavy to open and close, only the door is made of cypress and painted with outdoor paint. Depending on the characteristics of the wood, the paint is applied separately to the hard-to-penetrate cypress area and the easy-to-penetrate cypress area.

Balau part

Cypress part

Garden sink usability

It’s so convenient that I can’t imagine without a garden sink. There are another water taps, but this one is easier to use, so I go to the garden sink and use it. That’s how easy it is to use. Therefore, we are planning to modify another faucet so that it is easy to use.

Homebrew garden sink
Homebrew garden sink
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