Japanese organic fertilizer recipe

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Byproduct of rice

Rice is the staple food in Japan, and makes bran in its production process. That byproduct has many nutrition in it. In japan there are a lot rice mill’s stand rice bran stock in and permit to take it free by anyone.

Use rice bra in the garden

Rice gran is useful of garden, therefore I throw it into there to nourish its soil. In the garden covered fallen leaves in winter, bran acts to break down fallen leaves by benefited fermentation. So  I sprinkle rice bran in the garden every year. It is useful for fields, fruit trees and other trees.

Use rice bra in the garden

Rice bran is a good food for microorganisms, so if rice bran and fallen leaves are mixed, it gets hot due to fermentation.


Premature joy


Rice bran joy (Nukayorokobi) in Japanese means  premature joy. The meaning comes from the fact that the bran is very fine. On the contrary, rice bran is very grateful to me.  

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