Very big and convenient dustpan idea

Cleaning fallen leaves in the garden Cleaning the fallen leaves in my home requires a lot of work. This is because t...
pest control

Created advanced device to remotely control pests

Pests such as wasps and wild boars often come to my copse garden. Even if I want to get rid of it, it is scary to approach, but I have to get rid of the pests. I need to go for spraying, but since hornets are really scary, made a spray that can be operated remotely.

Charm of maple in Japanese garden

Acer palmatum known as Japanese Maple is most popular maple in Japan is so-called iroha maple. Iroha is the first three letters of the ancient Japanese alphabet. Because iroha means old fashioned style of ABC.

Growing blueberries in a corner of my garden

Fruit trees are often not attractive as garden trees, but blueberries have many attractive tree shapes and their flowers as garden trees even if the fruits cannot be harvested.

Handmade a wooden garden sink to be useful in my copse garden.

The garden sink is very convenient for garden work such as field work. The garden sink is also called a garden kitchen. It is very convenient because you can perform work that requires running water while standing up without bending down. I didn't like anything on the market so I made it myself. It was exposed to the outdoors, so it had to be made of a strong material, and processing was difficult. It is made of hard wood called "Balau" so that it can withstand outdoors.

Handmade decorative cabinets; look good ,fixed with magnets

I made a decorative shelf that is fixed to the wall of the refrigerator with a magnet. I chose strong vanadium magnets for the shelves, so I wouldn't mind. You can put it in any position you like and you don't have to drill holes.
soil create

Japanese organic fertilizer recipe

Byproduct of rice Rice is the staple food in Japan, and makes bran in its production process. That byproduct has man...
trial experiment

Interesting to observe magnified vegetable seeds-spring and summer vegetables ver.

I grow vegetables from seeds and am amazed at the secret power of seeds that they grow well from small seeds to vegetab...

Handmade wooden gazebo with mosquito net

I wanted a place to relax in my copse garden and made a gazebo. First of all, draw a conceptual drawing. I thought of the figure when viewed from the side like the figure below. Since the material used is "Yellow Balau", which has high outdoor durability, the structure is made of wood in consideration of the heavy weight of the wood, making it easy to assemble. I have written detailed drawings for each part, but I will omit them here.

Observed cicadas emergence and made videos

In the hottest part of summer in Japan, we always hear cicada song everywhere regardless of city or country. It's no ex...
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